emersonstreet talk 78

emersonstree talk 78

Big money, dirty politics, lies, deceit and stupidity won Tuesday night in the Wisconsin recall election. But it was the big money, two third’s of which came from billionaires outside the state of Wisconsin that paid for the dirty politics, lies and deceit that lead to the stupidity of voting to retain Governor Walker.  Divide and conquer has long been a strategy to keep uninformed people from realizing who the real enemy is. Playing people off each other makes both of them losers in the long run.  Republicans know their extreme agenda would never be accepted by the majority of people so they lie, play people against each other, use fake religious principles and suppress as many voters as possible to achieve their horrific goals.  They could care less about this country or its citizens. Keeping money and power in their own pockets is all that counts.  No doubt about it. Our democracy is FOR SALE. Thanks to a well paid for Supreme Court they now have an endless supply of money from the people who have (billionaires, corporations, Wall Street and bankers) to keep the people who have not (the rest of us) just that way.  Get ready!  We’re going to see this movie played over and over again.

Emersonstreet talk 77

The Ricketts family would pray on people’s racism to get rid of President Obama and his policies which have been totally harmless to the super rich, by the way. Joe Ricketts says he wants to stop the spending. What spending?  The Ricketts family wants federal dollars to renovate Wrigley Field. The Ricketts family wants Chicago tax payers to pay up also. Maybe he would have enough money to fund his own money making projects if he would stop spending so much money buying elections. But then that’s not how the rich get richer.  They never use their own money when they can use ours. And then they think they don’t owe the country any taxes. Talk about selfish and greedy.  I never plan to attend another Cub game again.The Ricketts family should go back to Nebraska and take the Cubs with them. Losers!

emersonstreet talk 76

All this talk about “bullying” today is very interesting.  I think kids are comfortable bullying because they see it so frequently with adults.  Take Republicans for example, they are a prime example of bullies.  The American Heritage dictionary says a bully is, “one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people”.  Let’s see…Republicans want to take away money for medicare (the elderly), medicaid (the poor), social security (the elderly), public education (the middle class), unemployment benefits (the broke), food programs for children (the poor), the right to vote for young, old, black or brown people (just about anybody who isn’t a white, conservative male), funding to Planned Parenthood and other health care providers (poor women), the right to live here (immigrants), union rights (the middle class), jobs (ordinary citizens).  You name it…they are the TAKE AWAY people.  They have no compassion, no kindness, no concept of sharing, no idea of helping others, no consideration for anything but money.  They think they own the Christian religion but I haven’t seen a Republican behave in a Christian-like way in a very long time. They bear no resemblance to Christ or his teachings.  Your choice this November couldn’t be more clear.  If you want a chance in hell to survive in America, if you want an America for everyone founded on democratic principals, you better vote for a Democrat.  Republican politicians don’t give a SH** about you or your mother or your children!

emersonstreet talk 75

I’ve had so many strong feelings and opinions about political happenings lately, I was unable to process or compress them into blog.  Republicans with this “the government doesn’t have the right to tell me anything or mandate anything in my life” argument have stomped on my last nerve.  This is so hypocritical in the first place.  Republicans are the ones trying to turn our democracy into a theocracy with their brand of religion dictating how we should live our lives. Isn’t that the government telling us what to do?  Republicans want women to have forced transvaginal ultra sounds conducted at the woman’s expense before an abortion. Isn’t that government telling us what we can and cannot do?  Republicans want to influence women’s access to contraception.  Isn’t that the government telling what we can and cannot do?  But when it comes to a government mandate for coverage on health care it’s a oh hell NO!  The government can’t tell us to buy insurance (eventhough we call have to buy car insurance).  That’s like the government mandating we have to eat brocoli.  Stupid argument.  Every one at some point in their lifetime will need health services of some kind. So shouldn’t everyone have to pay for insurance coverage? Or should the rest of us continue to pay for their uninsured services with higher premiums on us, while they who decided not to get insurance get free services? Republicans used to be for personal responsibility.  Now they are against anything and everything this president might suggest is best for ALL OF US long term.  They only care about the super rich and corporations, not the people they should be representing.  They have 2 goals:  getting re-elected and protecting those who fund their getting re-elected.  They achieve this through wedge issues, igniting unnecessary social issues, keeping the masses ignorant, distraction from what is important, saying “no” to everything and mostly by telling really big lies.  Wake up America!  This is not in your best interest.

emersonstreet talk 74

I just returned from Ash Wednesday services.  As I thought about what I would give up for Lent this year, my plan was chocolate, something I really love and need.  Heaven help those who are near me as I go through this withdrawal.  However, our minister tonight challenged us to give up a sin.  Hmmmmmm.  I had to really think about that one.  What am I guilty of.  I must confess it is really hard for me to love everyone, especially really icky people like Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Carl Rove and so many others who are or pretend to be “Tea Party” people.  Wow, that will be very hard to do. Love is such an intense feeling. Maybe I could try not to hate them and perhaps forgive them eventhough they do know exactly what they do.  Do you think these republicans who profess to be so Christian could give up the sin of telling lies for 46 days? They lie every day about President Obama. I think not. Not even for Lent.

emersonstreet talk 73

Common sense just ain’t all that common.   This whole issue about contraception has gotten out of control.  If only the mother’s of some of these idiots criticizing the president over this issue had used birth control maybe we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous discussion now. Catholic institutions have been providing insurance for contraception for decades.  So why now that the employee co-pay will be eliminated has it become an issue?  How much money did the Koch brothers or some other right wing institution pay the Catholic church to stir this pot? In America, it’s always about the money, not so called religious beliefs.  What if Catholic doctrine forbade doctors from treating patients with red hair and freckles?  Would anybody defend that?  Women should have control of their own reproduction.  If men want to control reproduction, then women need to band together and deny them sex since it would only be for procreation purposes anyway. Religious institutions that operate in the public square for secular purposes, mostly with public (tax payers) money should have to respect the law like any other institution, whether they like it or not.  When the government outlawed plural marriages did Republicans or conservatives stand up for the Mormon church in public outcry for their religious beliefs? NO!  This is hardly a matter of religious conscience. Anyone who pays taxes ends up financially supporting something they may disapprove of.  That’s just the way it is. The Catholic Church is not more special than any of the rest of us or any other religion for that matter.

emersonstreet talk 72

It’s only January and already I wish the 2012 elections were over. I am very concerned about our democracy.  It has been co-opted by money, corporations, hate groups, religion; and no longer represents the will of the people or what is most needed for the people.  The PACS and Republican debates say it all.  The level of disrespect, ignorance, arrogance, racism, dishonesty, hatefulness, there aren’t enough words to describe, is appalling.  And this is just the primary.  It’s 2012 but it’s back to the future.  I for one don’t want to go there.