emersonstreet talk 68

I lost my best buddy today.  He was an awesome 13-year-old mixed breed, Shepard/Lab mix named Buddy.  He listened and never told anybody anything.  He was more fun and more loving than two dogs, bringing a lot of joy to everyone.  He patiently accepted our new grandson into the family without jealously.  Buddy got really sick 2 weeks ago but my husband wasn’t home to say goodbye so he held on.  In fact, he bounced back to the “old Buddy” for 2 whole weeks while we tried to accept the fact that we might lose him. He stayed for a visit from my brother and sister-in-law from Atlanta.  He stayed while my sister and her husband came for dinner last night.  And then a few hours after everyone had left today, he laid down and took his last breath. Thanks Buddy for being a terrific dog and friend for 13.4 years.  We already miss you terribly. You saved us from the horrific decision to have to put you down and then wonder if we’d down the right thing.  Thanks for giving us a longer goodbye.  Before he left us Buddy said, “Make sure you work hard to re-elect President Obama in 2012.”  And that’s just what I’m going to do for my BUD!  I love you man…

2 responses to “emersonstreet talk 68

  1. People Need to Learn

    Sorry to hear that. I remember when I lost my first dog. My parents tried to save me the pain by putting him down while I was gone one day. Honestly didn’t make it better as I wanted to be there with him to say goodbye. Glad you had that chance, even if it was very hard to endure.

  2. Arlene,
    Sorry to hear of Buddys passing. We know he was a great companion & it is always hard to have a member/part of the family leave this world. I know he will be remembered for the many years of joy he brought to you both. RIP

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