emersonstreet talk 69

The state of Georgia murdered a man Wednesday night, Troy Davis. Yes I said murder.  They like to call it execution because they think he committed a crime worthy of capital punishment.  The family isn’t “blood thirsty”.  They just want “justice”, but life in prison wasn’t justice for them.  I really feel for the victim and his family in this case.  The victim was trying to help a homeless man who was being beaten by heathens.  Helping was the Christian thing to do, right? But is murder for any reason the Christian thing to do?  Doesn’t it say in the 10 Commandments, “Thou shall not kill”?  Why is it the people in red states, i.e. Republicans believe it is wrong to abort an unborn fetus at any week but they will kill a full-grown man or woman any day of the week.  They say abortion is murder, yet they live to kill.  If not, why do they need so many guns?  They didn’t buy those guns to shoot trees.  Did you hear them cheering Governor Perry at the Republican debate for being the governor who had killed, excuse me, executed  more so-called criminals than any other governor?  There was significant doubt in the Davis case.  So many things were done wrong by the police, the prosecution and relying only on eyewitness testimony only, was a travesty.  People lie every day.  Two people never see the same incident exactly the same.  Shame on the Supreme Court. Shame on the justice system of Georgia.  Shame on the people of Georgia.  Shame on all of us for continuing to allow capital punishment to happen.  How many innocent people have we killed?  Killing the guilty makes us no less innocent of murder than the murderer.  The United States imprisons and executes more of its citizens than any other country in the world.  What does that say about us?  What does it say?

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