emersonstreet talk 70

I shouldn’t be but every day I am more amazed at how bold the Republicans have become in their “we hate the president” campaign.  They are willing to keep millions of people unemployed to put one man out of a job, President Obama.  President Obama has done more in three years than Bush did in eight and it just makes their heads explode.  But it’s not just racism, it’s making sure they keep corporate money in their pockets too.  Each and every Senate Republican has vowed to block measures that would create jobs.  They used to pretend that they were compassionate conservatives who cared about everyone but just wanted to keep the government’s budget in good shape.  Now they shout to the rooftops, if you’re poor, unemployed, etc. it’s your own fault!  They are proud of the number of executions performed in their states.  They don’t protest the boos at a proud and gay military man who every day risks his life for them. They say let the foreclosure process run its course which adds to economic disaster. Give more tax breaks to the rich and to hell with the middle class and unions that get in the way of more profits for the rich. They stand proudly with the Koch brothers who are financing campaigns against the poor and middle class at the  national, state and local level, even school boards.  They proudly stand with corporations stating that they are “people” too.  They are unashamed as they move to pass bills that will make it harder for young, black, brown, elderly and poor people to vote.  They boldly disrespect women’s health and basic human rights.  If you are not part of the top 1%, why would you even consider voting Republican?  WAKE UP!

Thank God, President Obama is not going to wait for them to rebuild the economy and bring financial security back to the middle class. He announced new rules on federal mortgages to prevent more families from losing their homes to foreclosure. And that’s just the beginning — the President said he would continue to make the changes he can by executive action, while continuing to urge Congress to act on legislation to strengthen the economy and create jobs.  He should have done this sooner.  Congress is hopeless. We the people need to stand up and make our voices heard.  I applaud those who “occupy Wall Street” around the world!  Government is supposed to represent us and we have allowed it to be sold to the corporations by the votes we cast or don’t bother to cast.  GET INVOLVED! Don’t be fooled by stupid wedge issues like gay marriage, choice, religion.  Your life, your livelihoods are at stake. Turn off FOX and open your minds. Educate yourselves on what is really happening.  Fight back…the Republicans are counting on your ignorance, your silence and your willingness to believe anything but the truth.

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