emersonstreet talk 71

Is Herman Cain an uncle Tom or Putney Swope?  Definition of an uncle Tom from an urban dictionary… a  black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betray his own people.  Didn’t Ann Coulter say their blacks were better than the democrat’s blacks? Do they own him? He is the most bazaar candidate I’ve ever witnessed.  He is incredibly disrespectful to women (sexual harassment and the Princess Nancy reference), arrogant (“blame yo’self” comment), lacking in knowledge of how government, foreign policy, you name it should work.  Does he even have an original idea?  The 999 is from Sim City, an online game.  He has taken lines in speeches from the Pokemon song.  “The brother from another mother” appears to have been a line from Modern Family.  That campaign ad was strange.  And now the reference about beating Obama with a “cain” which is a reference that goes back to slavery and the beating of an abolitionist with a cane.  The more hateful he becomes, the more money he gets.  We have a segment of American society that is really sick and sickening.   This will not be a Putney Swope!  Get involved and fight back!

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