emersonstreet talk 73

Common sense just ain’t all that common.   This whole issue about contraception has gotten out of control.  If only the mother’s of some of these idiots criticizing the president over this issue had used birth control maybe we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous discussion now. Catholic institutions have been providing insurance for contraception for decades.  So why now that the employee co-pay will be eliminated has it become an issue?  How much money did the Koch brothers or some other right wing institution pay the Catholic church to stir this pot? In America, it’s always about the money, not so called religious beliefs.  What if Catholic doctrine forbade doctors from treating patients with red hair and freckles?  Would anybody defend that?  Women should have control of their own reproduction.  If men want to control reproduction, then women need to band together and deny them sex since it would only be for procreation purposes anyway. Religious institutions that operate in the public square for secular purposes, mostly with public (tax payers) money should have to respect the law like any other institution, whether they like it or not.  When the government outlawed plural marriages did Republicans or conservatives stand up for the Mormon church in public outcry for their religious beliefs? NO!  This is hardly a matter of religious conscience. Anyone who pays taxes ends up financially supporting something they may disapprove of.  That’s just the way it is. The Catholic Church is not more special than any of the rest of us or any other religion for that matter.

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