emersonstreet talk 75

I’ve had so many strong feelings and opinions about political happenings lately, I was unable to process or compress them into blog.  Republicans with this “the government doesn’t have the right to tell me anything or mandate anything in my life” argument have stomped on my last nerve.  This is so hypocritical in the first place.  Republicans are the ones trying to turn our democracy into a theocracy with their brand of religion dictating how we should live our lives. Isn’t that the government telling us what to do?  Republicans want women to have forced transvaginal ultra sounds conducted at the woman’s expense before an abortion. Isn’t that government telling us what we can and cannot do?  Republicans want to influence women’s access to contraception.  Isn’t that the government telling what we can and cannot do?  But when it comes to a government mandate for coverage on health care it’s a oh hell NO!  The government can’t tell us to buy insurance (eventhough we call have to buy car insurance).  That’s like the government mandating we have to eat brocoli.  Stupid argument.  Every one at some point in their lifetime will need health services of some kind. So shouldn’t everyone have to pay for insurance coverage? Or should the rest of us continue to pay for their uninsured services with higher premiums on us, while they who decided not to get insurance get free services? Republicans used to be for personal responsibility.  Now they are against anything and everything this president might suggest is best for ALL OF US long term.  They only care about the super rich and corporations, not the people they should be representing.  They have 2 goals:  getting re-elected and protecting those who fund their getting re-elected.  They achieve this through wedge issues, igniting unnecessary social issues, keeping the masses ignorant, distraction from what is important, saying “no” to everything and mostly by telling really big lies.  Wake up America!  This is not in your best interest.


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