emersonstreet talk 76

All this talk about “bullying” today is very interesting.  I think kids are comfortable bullying because they see it so frequently with adults.  Take Republicans for example, they are a prime example of bullies.  The American Heritage dictionary says a bully is, “one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people”.  Let’s see…Republicans want to take away money for medicare (the elderly), medicaid (the poor), social security (the elderly), public education (the middle class), unemployment benefits (the broke), food programs for children (the poor), the right to vote for young, old, black or brown people (just about anybody who isn’t a white, conservative male), funding to Planned Parenthood and other health care providers (poor women), the right to live here (immigrants), union rights (the middle class), jobs (ordinary citizens).  You name it…they are the TAKE AWAY people.  They have no compassion, no kindness, no concept of sharing, no idea of helping others, no consideration for anything but money.  They think they own the Christian religion but I haven’t seen a Republican behave in a Christian-like way in a very long time. They bear no resemblance to Christ or his teachings.  Your choice this November couldn’t be more clear.  If you want a chance in hell to survive in America, if you want an America for everyone founded on democratic principals, you better vote for a Democrat.  Republican politicians don’t give a SH** about you or your mother or your children!

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