emersonstreet talk 78

emersonstree talk 78

Big money, dirty politics, lies, deceit and stupidity won Tuesday night in the Wisconsin recall election. But it was the big money, two third’s of which came from billionaires outside the state of Wisconsin that paid for the dirty politics, lies and deceit that lead to the stupidity of voting to retain Governor Walker.  Divide and conquer has long been a strategy to keep uninformed people from realizing who the real enemy is. Playing people off each other makes both of them losers in the long run.  Republicans know their extreme agenda would never be accepted by the majority of people so they lie, play people against each other, use fake religious principles and suppress as many voters as possible to achieve their horrific goals.  They could care less about this country or its citizens. Keeping money and power in their own pockets is all that counts.  No doubt about it. Our democracy is FOR SALE. Thanks to a well paid for Supreme Court they now have an endless supply of money from the people who have (billionaires, corporations, Wall Street and bankers) to keep the people who have not (the rest of us) just that way.  Get ready!  We’re going to see this movie played over and over again.

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