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Emersonstreet books is an independent publisher of fiction and non fiction founded by author and publisher, Arlene Y. Burke in 2007.  The first product for Emersonstreet Books is a creative nonfiction, Nothin’ Like I Thought. Two future projects scheduled for publication in 2009 include Grandma’s Fairy Tale Museum, a children’s book written in poetic form and Quid Pro Quo, a work of fiction about a small minority business’s effort to survive amid big city politics.

Nothin’ Like I Thought… A Baby Boomer’s Look in the Rear View Mirror. 


Did you set out to have one career and end up with more?  Did you vow till death do us part and then end up parting ways once, twice or even three times?  Has your work place stopped promoting you in spite of your contributions and skills?  Have you been downsized, right sized, outsourced, caught in a resource action or just plain fired for no cause?  Despite your best efforts, are your children making all the mistakes you tried to prevent?  Do you look at them and wonder who they are and where they came from?  This book is a work of inspirational, humorous, creative nonfiction which includes the stories of the author and her friends.  It is intended to reach other baby boomers for whom life has been different than they expected or for anyone looking for fun and interesting stories about life. 


This book is a collection of short, funny and inspirational vignettes about the author and ten dynamic women coming of age during the sixties.  Each chapter shares vignettes dealing with different periods of life and experiences as one grows up and older. There are stories about growing up, making choices and living with them, marriage, raising children, working in corporate America and growing older.

Available at: www.emersonstreetbooks.com


2 responses to “emersonstreet books

  1. Arlene:
    Just looked at your blog and emersonstreet talk is fantastic, just like your book. I am particularly struck by the comments about Michelle Obama. She is a Black woman of considerable accomplishment and probably the most educated and accomplished first lady prospect this country has ever seen. However, the wrong minded Right wing ideologues are looking to destroy her along with Barack. Let us not forget that these people are the same wrong minded incompetent people who have brought us war, high gas prices, high health care costs, anemic stock market, and the worst economy in years. We must remember this in November.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The Obama’s are a beautiful and accomplished family. I wish the election were TODAY!

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