emersonstreet talk 71

Is Herman Cain an uncle Tom or Putney Swope?  Definition of an uncle Tom from an urban dictionary… a  black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betray his own people.  Didn’t Ann Coulter say their blacks were better than the democrat’s blacks? Do they own him? He is the most bazaar candidate I’ve ever witnessed.  He is incredibly disrespectful to women (sexual harassment and the Princess Nancy reference), arrogant (“blame yo’self” comment), lacking in knowledge of how government, foreign policy, you name it should work.  Does he even have an original idea?  The 999 is from Sim City, an online game.  He has taken lines in speeches from the Pokemon song.  “The brother from another mother” appears to have been a line from Modern Family.  That campaign ad was strange.  And now the reference about beating Obama with a “cain” which is a reference that goes back to slavery and the beating of an abolitionist with a cane.  The more hateful he becomes, the more money he gets.  We have a segment of American society that is really sick and sickening.   This will not be a Putney Swope!  Get involved and fight back!


emersonstreet talk 70

I shouldn’t be but every day I am more amazed at how bold the Republicans have become in their “we hate the president” campaign.  They are willing to keep millions of people unemployed to put one man out of a job, President Obama.  President Obama has done more in three years than Bush did in eight and it just makes their heads explode.  But it’s not just racism, it’s making sure they keep corporate money in their pockets too.  Each and every Senate Republican has vowed to block measures that would create jobs.  They used to pretend that they were compassionate conservatives who cared about everyone but just wanted to keep the government’s budget in good shape.  Now they shout to the rooftops, if you’re poor, unemployed, etc. it’s your own fault!  They are proud of the number of executions performed in their states.  They don’t protest the boos at a proud and gay military man who every day risks his life for them. They say let the foreclosure process run its course which adds to economic disaster. Give more tax breaks to the rich and to hell with the middle class and unions that get in the way of more profits for the rich. They stand proudly with the Koch brothers who are financing campaigns against the poor and middle class at the  national, state and local level, even school boards.  They proudly stand with corporations stating that they are “people” too.  They are unashamed as they move to pass bills that will make it harder for young, black, brown, elderly and poor people to vote.  They boldly disrespect women’s health and basic human rights.  If you are not part of the top 1%, why would you even consider voting Republican?  WAKE UP!

Thank God, President Obama is not going to wait for them to rebuild the economy and bring financial security back to the middle class. He announced new rules on federal mortgages to prevent more families from losing their homes to foreclosure. And that’s just the beginning — the President said he would continue to make the changes he can by executive action, while continuing to urge Congress to act on legislation to strengthen the economy and create jobs.  He should have done this sooner.  Congress is hopeless. We the people need to stand up and make our voices heard.  I applaud those who “occupy Wall Street” around the world!  Government is supposed to represent us and we have allowed it to be sold to the corporations by the votes we cast or don’t bother to cast.  GET INVOLVED! Don’t be fooled by stupid wedge issues like gay marriage, choice, religion.  Your life, your livelihoods are at stake. Turn off FOX and open your minds. Educate yourselves on what is really happening.  Fight back…the Republicans are counting on your ignorance, your silence and your willingness to believe anything but the truth.

emersonstreet talk 69

The state of Georgia murdered a man Wednesday night, Troy Davis. Yes I said murder.  They like to call it execution because they think he committed a crime worthy of capital punishment.  The family isn’t “blood thirsty”.  They just want “justice”, but life in prison wasn’t justice for them.  I really feel for the victim and his family in this case.  The victim was trying to help a homeless man who was being beaten by heathens.  Helping was the Christian thing to do, right? But is murder for any reason the Christian thing to do?  Doesn’t it say in the 10 Commandments, “Thou shall not kill”?  Why is it the people in red states, i.e. Republicans believe it is wrong to abort an unborn fetus at any week but they will kill a full-grown man or woman any day of the week.  They say abortion is murder, yet they live to kill.  If not, why do they need so many guns?  They didn’t buy those guns to shoot trees.  Did you hear them cheering Governor Perry at the Republican debate for being the governor who had killed, excuse me, executed  more so-called criminals than any other governor?  There was significant doubt in the Davis case.  So many things were done wrong by the police, the prosecution and relying only on eyewitness testimony only, was a travesty.  People lie every day.  Two people never see the same incident exactly the same.  Shame on the Supreme Court. Shame on the justice system of Georgia.  Shame on the people of Georgia.  Shame on all of us for continuing to allow capital punishment to happen.  How many innocent people have we killed?  Killing the guilty makes us no less innocent of murder than the murderer.  The United States imprisons and executes more of its citizens than any other country in the world.  What does that say about us?  What does it say?

emersonstreet talk 68

I lost my best buddy today.  He was an awesome 13-year-old mixed breed, Shepard/Lab mix named Buddy.  He listened and never told anybody anything.  He was more fun and more loving than two dogs, bringing a lot of joy to everyone.  He patiently accepted our new grandson into the family without jealously.  Buddy got really sick 2 weeks ago but my husband wasn’t home to say goodbye so he held on.  In fact, he bounced back to the “old Buddy” for 2 whole weeks while we tried to accept the fact that we might lose him. He stayed for a visit from my brother and sister-in-law from Atlanta.  He stayed while my sister and her husband came for dinner last night.  And then a few hours after everyone had left today, he laid down and took his last breath. Thanks Buddy for being a terrific dog and friend for 13.4 years.  We already miss you terribly. You saved us from the horrific decision to have to put you down and then wonder if we’d down the right thing.  Thanks for giving us a longer goodbye.  Before he left us Buddy said, “Make sure you work hard to re-elect President Obama in 2012.”  And that’s just what I’m going to do for my BUD!  I love you man…

emersonstreet talk 67

It’s Rupert Murdock and Fox News wot done it!  The Tea Party that is…  They were an extreme fringe element until Fox and Right Wing Radio gave them a never-ending platform and now they are about to take this country over an economic cliff.  They are economically ignorant, constitutionally clueless, selfish to extreme and either are unaware or don’t care if they destroy this country and our government.  Of course hating a black man in the white house and doing whatever is necessary by any means necessary to see that he is a one term president is the ultimate goal. It’s beyond sanity and frightening. Be careful who you vote for.  There’s an old way of describing computer data…garbage in, garbage out!  So let the investigation of the American Murdock holdings begin.

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Is anyone else tired of hearing about Anthony Weiner’s wiener?  What he did was stupid, immature, embarrassing and typical of a lot of men using social networks, but not criminal.  The only people who should have a say so about his leaving office should be his constituents.  And they can handle that at the ballot box.  The wife is the injured party here. Everybody else needs to SHUT UP!  We have more important issues to talk about, deal with and solve.   Do not take your eye off the ball.  That’s just what Republicans hope you will do…pay attention to the non-important, divisive rhetoric while they eliminate your jobs, medicare, healthcare, public education, environmental protections, etc.  while giving tax breaks to the super rich, subsidies to huge profitable oil companies and destroying the government’s ability to regulate anything that protects or helps average citizens.  Remember, we may have arrived on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now!

emersonstreet talk 65

Is it me or are Americans becoming dumber? Anyone who considered Donald Trump a serious candidate for the presidency had to be incredibly gullible, a non-reader, a person who doesn’t understand that the president should be much smarter than we are, an idiot, a racist, a moron, a person who doesn’t listen to anything but Fox TV or a sad, sad reflection of about 25% of this country that doesn’t think for themselves or just doesn’t think, period.  Just imagine where our country could be right now if the Republicans worked with President Obama even half of the time.  There are people who are so hell-bent on destroying Obama’s presidency that they will destroy the country along with it.  How can Republicans be interested in balancing the budget, cutting spending and reducing the deficit, yet vote to give oil companies; whose profits are bigger than ever, subsidies?  Thinking people see that for what it is, idiots do not.  We allow ourselves to be divided by “wedge issues” like abortion, gay marriage and unions while corporate America, lobbyists and Republicans steal our tax dollars. Dumb…very dumb!